ZX9r needs some love. Got to do shims and tensioner who?

Hello all

well next month the plan is to get the bike to someone, prefer north london area to give it full service, plus shim and tensioner. its at 25K now so would like it checked.

does anyone know of a good person or dealer they would recomend? off course i will take lower fairings off for easy access.

kind regards

Essential Rubber dont do shims, but they recommended MotoServ on 0207 837 0472. Have not used them myself but trust the Essential rubber guys

at 25k miles crikey thought it would go a lot more than that before shims and tensioner were needed…my 7r had done well over 40k miles without any shim work and was fine…

My ZX9 needs the shims doing, but it has done 54k.
Tensioner is fine, though.
Not very helpful, cos I can’t recommend anyone - I’ll be doing it myself :slight_smile:

Im with Elad on this one, Ive got complete faith in the guys at ER

well this is what Ive been told once the shims has been done after 6K they hard need touching.

but now from cold and very low rev there is a small rattle so not sure if its shims or tensioner.

Another thing I have read is that if your engien breaking and you hear popping thru the exhaust means the shims isnt right and last week it heard it slightly popping on engine breaking and even thou i do all the services on the bike myself I might as well get someone with the knowledge to just check reconfirm everythign fine or replace/do any work need.

Send Toby-1-Kenobi a PM as he’s had that same bike for a few years now and he may have some advice.

Thing is it is a time consuming job - will take most of a day to do a proper job, simply because of everything you have to remove to get access.
I may well give in and pay someone to do mine, because it’s a ball-ache.
Dunno about the popping theory meaning your shim gaps are wrong - every ZX9 I’ve ever heard with a race can on pops and bangs.

Don’t know about the ZX9 but on a ZZR1100 they are a breeze to do…That said ,I paid somebody and watched what they did. Really easy and took about an hour or so to check all shims and replace one…

Honestly… its an outside chance you actually need anything done… unless you can hear the clatter over the pipes…

Seriously I’ve just had a 26k ish service done, and the guy said, I “might” need my tensioner looked at next time…

They’re animals to ride, but they’re never going to be collectors items, so handling with kid gloves at the 20k stage isn’t really necessary…

guys thanx for all yoru replies.

i have to admit this has been the only bike i have loved. So smooth and powerfully but a nice toruer as well.

Got to do front calipers clean up and pad change this weekend. Had Adz pm so I am speaking to him to see what he suggest.