OK, so over the christmas period i along with a mate have bought a '98 ZX7R. We are planning on transforming it into a track bike so i’m after some advise on upgrades for Brakes and suspension.The brakes are shocking, currently running standard Tokico 6 pots but i have been told that Nissin 4 pots off a Bandit 1200 fit straight on? Any proof in this ro any other options i can consider?

The suspension is all standard and i doubt the shock or forks have been looked at so has anyone had theirs re-worked and can you recommend anyone to do the work?

All the road fairings will be cleaned up and sold along with the headlight, mirrors and pillion seat. Track fairings will then be purchased and sprayed. The engine is coming out and cleaned, carbs will also be cleaned out and we are considering taking the alternator out as well so running a total loss system and just connecting an optimate lead to the battery so we can at least start her on the button.

The rear subframe will be cut back ready for a single race seat, the frame and swingarm are going to be painted black and the wheels are being stripped down and powder coated black.

All in all we hope to save around 20kg in weight and have her running a 520 chain and sprockets, going down 1 tooth on the front and going up 2 teeth on the rear.

If anyone has any info regarding the suspension and brakes it would be much appreciated and anything else that might help in transforming the old girl into a decent race/track bike.

I will keep you up dated on the progress, for now here is the FB page we have started.http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=10150115992024714&set=o.134364083290260&pid=7428132&id=517134713

There is a whiff of NBC in the air! Good luck mate :slight_smile:

This is a possibility;)

I have heard that nissin 4 pot bandit 1200 calipers will fit straight on and people who run them say they are much better. A radial master cylinder will also help.This guy on the UK ZX7R forum says the Bandit calipers bolt straight on no fuss:


In terms of the forks a lot of people get the original Kayabas rebuilt with Maxton internals by Maxton themselves.


In terms of saving more weight then I guess gains can be made by the usual routes of swapping the exhaust system for something lighter and fitting lighter wheels - but then things start getting pricey.

The tokicos probably feel crap because they are notorious for seizing up so easily - I overhauled mine and replaced the seals which improved things a lot (along with braided lines).

Other good sources of support and information are:



http://www.zx7r.co.uk/Good luck with the work and the subsequent racing - sounds great! :slight_smile:

Speak to Matt, he knows a thing or two about weight saving on these :slight_smile:

Try and get yourself a ZX7RR engine, the flatside carbs are supposed to be nice :smiley:

Was going to say ‘Speak to Matt’ too! lol

Good luck with it mate… Picture updates! :cool::cool:

Keep the pics coming PJ, always interesting to see… You must be going into Cleaning overdrive with that swingarm…

Ive got a race can for one of those :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same, I could see it giving him a nervous tick just looking at it!

Look at the state of this then…

I will be posting pictures up once i have recovered and got to start on the cleaning process:D

wow, i got mo clean coming to give the gixxer a spruce up if you want to bring it over on saturday!

No chance, this is going to make my January:P

Hope you’ve stocked up on Paraffin for this one…? :smiley:

Those Tokico 6 pots in perfect order can be pretty good I think …still not pro but close. …a pucker full service could restore them.

Nice project.

ah wicked i love projects. more pics when have some pls :smiley:

Currently looking at possible ZX10R forks and calipers along with rear shock to replace tired 7 units

Just need to confirm they fit straight on.

One of the main reasons the 7R wasn’t totally out classed by the much lighter Gixxer 750 was because of it’s legendary great front end, so why dick around with or dump what is generally held to be it’s best feature?

good point

An industrial sized box of Marigolds was reportedly seen being delivered too:D