Hi all

Sorry I have not been here lately but I have joind a new company and there I.T are crap and they blocked this site .

What I need to ask is what do you think of the ZX7R? I have come accross one that is up for sale, it has only done 4100 miles and is on a 2002 plate absoloultey mint condition.

What do ya think???

Rubbish mate

No, I love mine. But they’re very heavy and arguably underpowered compared to modern bikes.

Guess it comes down to price and the test ride.

Nice bikes russ. I still own one Whats the spec on the one you’re looking at? I’d want more for mine than that and it’s a 97 model!

Hi Badman

What do you mean “Whats the spec on the one you’re looking at?”. Whether it’s me being dim.

I have a 99 one and I swear by it. Its heavy for sure and it will not compete with the latest breed of 600’s, 750’s or thous but it is a very competent bike. Having ridden many bikes on the road I still say that in the right hands there is not much that will stay with it on A and B roads. So far I have not been proven wrong. Frame is just about unbreakable, I am sure its made of railway track.

I have over 38 thou on mine and its never missed a beat. Was a daily commuter for two years. I believe your size does matter for the bike though. I am 5’10" and find it great where I have heard from short people that its too much of a stretch to the handlebars. Tall people have issues because the screen is low.

For me its a real shame that Kawasaki did not develop the bike and ditched it from their line up. Parts are easy to come by.

I have one of it’s old, old predecesors from 1989 … she’s a GPX750R and she’s done about 60K miles. Despite her age, she’s certainly no shirk I can tell ya! For a piccy, check my profile.

i had a black one it is in rexx judd hampstead and i wish i had £3500 TO GET IT BACK IT IS ONE OF THE BEST BIKES IV HAD , i took it on many track days last year it never let me down and its not all wobberly like the new 1000s are you put it in a corner and it sits there happy to take what ever you can give it . and dont think its slow as i killed jay around silverstone indy on it and if he trys to tell you different i have wittnesses.



Silverstone International, actually, and if you want to be factually correct, you better put in about the fact that both you, me and Cezar were all having a good days riding that day, trading places, so don’t try and say you thrashed me, hehehe! Anyhow, I’d only had my bike for about two weeks and had never ridden it properly, what do you expect? So come on Grant, get the bike back and let’s do some more trackdays! You can’t be a dirty rider all the time!

Sorry mate, what I meant was is the bike standard or has it got any trick bits?