Hi folks - My ZX7R engine temp is fine when i’m moving along - 2/4 minutes of going slower in traffic and filtering (depending on the ambient temperature) and the temp goes up and the fan comes on.I can remember reading in the past (but can’t be sure) that people who’ve owned Kawasaki sports bikes and particularly ZX7R’s say that this is not unusual and that the bikes often run hot - with the temp going up quite quickly on the ZX7R when you slow down in traffic.

Coolant levels are fine - but the rad has been slightly abused by whatever numpty owned it before me - about 30% of the rad fins/slats are squashed/dented.

I’m wondering if getting a decent replacement rad (from a breakers) will improve the situation enough to justify the purchase - or whether it’s normal for ZX7Rs to get a bit hot under the collar fairly quickly?

Thanks for any views/advice fellas ;):slight_smile:

My ZX9 is the same - 3-4 bars on the gauge in normal riding, but 2 or 3 minutes in traffic and the fan comes on.
Never worried about it, TBH.

Cheers G - I’m sure I’ve read in the past that this is the experience of a lot of ZX9/7R riders - and that it is a common trait in Kawasaki sports bikes of this era.