I have had this bike for a year and a bit. It’s a 1997 p reg

Spec as follows:

Black in colour

Full ackra system

39 fcr flatsides

slightly modded airbox

ported and polished head

Diablo corsa tyres

Good chain and sprokets, recent clutch. Will be mot’d for the lucky owner! I personally think it could do with a set of calipers ( £80 second hand) or maybe a rebuild. Open to offers as long as they aint below £2500!

Pics and a bigger spec at all?

Will take some pics at the weekend. What else would you like to know?

Give us as many details as you can - I shall shove it on a couple of notice boards for you. I already have a ZX7R, as per Avtar. Dont have room for yet another bike just jet unfortunately. I would vote it as one of the greatest road bikes ever made.

Hey Chuffster, buy it mate and I let you use a space on my garage! All you need to do is to leave a spare set of keys with me! You know, I may need to move it around a bit…

ME too !!

Soz, mate only need one at the mo!