ZX6R Stunt Bike

Looks its a bike

1K for a 600 thats over 10 years old and “been a stunt bike” so other issues like forks…" F me mate. you sell loads but this is a ripper! £300 MAX.

I dont want to sound harsh but you are a stunter. An average JO like me would look and see “STUNTER” and think the worst… :crying:

dont want to kill it but 1K is WAAAAAY too much :satisfied:

Alot of stunters actually look after there bikes rather well as its how they make there bread and butter yes some kill em :Whistling:

Buts its like that with all bikers some look after there bikes some dont…

For a stunter this is cheap as you get a standard bike and stunt it like i am atm you could spend just £1000 just on stunt parts that without the bike…

Plus with this you can have a wheelie good time :smiley:

:PThe price would be closer to the sale mark if the cage and accessories were included. I know stuntin is woefully expensive (esp if ur crap (",) )

but the price isnt justifiable. maybe £300 is harsh but can it be turned to standard (parts included) for £700. I wouldnt pay £500 and have to source parts myself to get to standard. Consider the age…

PS… Teach me to wheelie!! Promise, I look after the gsr :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. DISCLAIMER… this is personal opinion and I dont know ****. I’ve owned 1 bike, so there! :smiley:

The stunt parts are included… And even spare stunt and original parts…
When my bike is done have a go at that

i have a special one off cage waiting to go on :smiley:

thats a contract if I ever saw one… :smiley:

**** mate! when Im done, I’ll give ya a dust pan and brush in exchange for whats left when Im done with it :smiley:

you break it… i take your missus :w00t:

I already got the pan and brush although slightly used…:Whistling::stuck_out_tongue:

cheek lol