ZX6R stolen and GSXR 750 purchased!

Was too fecked off to post up when it happened but in august my ZX6r was stolen from outside my house. Went outside early in the morning having left the bike out overnight (very rare!) as i was off to Brands for a track day and it was gone…Wasn’t found, police didnt really care and didnt even come to speaki to me, all done over the phone.

Once I had licked my wounds I went looking for a GSXR 750 having test ridden one and loved it!

Bought the below bike which is a 2006 k6 GSXR 750. Only has 4500 miles on it and is in mint condition. Only been for a couple of rides and roads are too damp with fresh tyres to ride it properly but it is lovely! Smooth power, nice clean gear changes, quick as fook!

Came with puig screen, seat cowl, pazzo stubby levers, r&g crash bungs, renthal grips, aftermarket exhaust with decat, talon performance rear sprocket and tank protector.

I have added bridgestones s20’s, gilles rearsets, satnav mount and charger, removed the set valve to stop the annoying fi light coming on, fitted R&G fork protectors, ordered pro grip handle bar grips, HEL braided lines front and back and will be buying techspec tank grips as well.

Look forward to going for more rides with you all.


That’s beautiful! :cool:

Take good care of this one mate!

Love those and remember several years back dragging my wifey to the dealer to have a look at one in exact same colour. Regret not getting one at the time so you be sure and have twice the fun for me :slight_smile:


I prefer my mounts a little more dirrty, check out the underside of that reg plate :w00t:

Lovely bike, that exhaust must sound nice:D

It is clean and that’s before I have cleaned it!

The exhaust is luuurvely! Not as loud as you would think. Ill get a clip up at some point.

I do love the bike. Just want the summer here now.


that is one sweet bike :slight_smile:

My ex just bought the exact same one. I really want one but in yellow :slight_smile:

nice one :slight_smile: