ZX6R Skidmarx Race Fairings

I have been clearing out my Garage and have come across a set of Skidmarx Track fairings, nose and side fairings, for my Zx6r. I have never had them fitted to the bike as they never really worked with my exhaust system (Yoshimura).

I have the bottom fairing from this aswell although it is the model that has the bulge attached, which i had removed trying to fit to the bike. All it would need is fibreglassing back together and would then work fine.

I believe they cost me around £270 when i brought them last year, I am just after £150 Ono. They are in white, obviously, and has been sat in their box since I tried fitting them so no marks or scuffs. Collection welcome otherwise would have to arrange something with the shipping as the box is large.

I have pictures so send me a Pm with your email address and I shall ping them across. Any questions then get in touch.

What year zx6r do they fit?

Dibs! Yeah what model are they from?

Same question! After a spares et for the race bike 2008.

Hey no calling dibs until we know what year they are from! :stuck_out_tongue: I have a 2001 model that needs new clothes!!

A quick glance at the OP’s profile would suggest that there’s a winner here & it’s not you or Conrad! :wink:

Hi Guys,
Sorry for missing out the most crucial bit of info !

They were for my 2008 Zx6r. Will fit 2007 obviously but all other models I am not sure.

Where’s the photos?

Stalker? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, So I have finally managed to add some pictures of the fairings, I have also included the Belly pan also.


Won’t fit my bike :frowning:

Tiggi - they’re all yours!

Daws1989 (03/11/2013)


Show off … =P