ZX6R 2010 stolen from Brewer st. NCP! TRACKER POSTCODE!....UPDATED

Good luck guy’s, hope you get lucky

I really really appreciate this.

reg number is GY10 OJU,

chances are, if it is still with the tracker, it might be locked up and so you wouldn’t be able to get at it. But if you do see it sitting down the end of Ashworth close off denmark hill SE58, maybe concealed please let me know!

pm me!.

I really am appreciative of this.


This is where google maps has it.


This is where the tracker is still showing it:


Ashworth Close.

I have been speaking to the police and they have basically said to keep an eye on the tracker and contact them if it moves location.

and this is it. 3 Weeks old and gone. :crying:


Anyone heard from Rixxy & Smiled yet?

Surelythe tracker accuracy must be stated for location purposes…This one in your redex`s Bugger :angry:pic1

Sorry to hear about your bike mate, hard to belive they’ve gott he balls to steal it from a NCP. I assume the car park has CCTV, though not much use if they’re wearing helmets.

yeah all we could see was a leg sticking out from a scooter pushing it along from behind with the other guy sitting on the bike. :frowning:

sorry tracker accuracy is supposed to be 100m squared.



i just got back in, we litterally looked all around that area even before we knew it was on ashworth close, its a massive estate and your on the money there are loads of garages, i can confidentlley say if it was on the street i think we would have come across it.

On the subject we attracted alot of attention from a group of lads, they watched us for ages, and neither of our bikes is quiet so i would imagine if its anyone local it was pretty obvious what we where looking for so they will be thinking that bike is dam hot and needing to be moved so i hope the old bill catch them if they try to move it.

It would be good if its not moved to assembley a bigger group and have another go, i think smiled would agree!

Good luck mate!

Just looking at Ashworth Close on Google maps street view and there’s only one garage/lockup in the road

on a side note, have a look at street view and you can see what we mean about the garages!

Well done you 2 for having a look. When I Google Ashworth Close it comes up as a tiny road with a side turning and one garage?

just got in and am freezing …but atleast we tried…

like Rixxy said…we rode around all over that place…there are a few garages that are tucked away and even one i was looking right up at that had no lock but a peice of wood screwd in accross both doors…what drew my attention was that they were new screws on a tatty peice of wood…but there’s fcuk all i can do about it…we could’nt go breaking into every garage as there were quite afew that are tucked away…

Also, like Rixxy said…we drew an awfull lot of attention around that estate…they must of known we were looking for that bike…so i hope they leave it well alone for awhile…untill the police start going around with the’re receivers…

I really am crossing my fingers for you ollie…i wish we had some good news for you mate…i really do…
all we can do is hope…

just want to say again I really appreciate this you have no idea.

I only upgraded from my er6f to this bike 3 weeks ago and it meant so much to me and now its gone. I pray that they try and move it so that I can get another shot at it…


Massive well done for going in there - its not exactly Kensington and Chelsea.

We need to get hold of one of the ‘transponder’? things… the police use them to track the signal - bit like those water finding sticks wizards use… surely there is a more accurate way of locating the tracker??

Another point worth noting… if i were a bike thief, I would definitely check up on the most popular forums to see what people are talking about and if they are reading this thread then they know the bike is being tracked and it has a lot of attention.

so the police are saying that they went down there and the signal isn’t on any more?

A local garage round the corner, might be worth flagging it up with them in case they get offered any thing to do with the bike…

34 De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AB
020 7703 7849

Another thought… it could very well still be in a van…

Just got back from there.
I couldn’t see anything.
Looked over a few fences, took my bike off-road through the estate.
Did see a bike under a cover on the other side of the estate. Too much tread wear on the tyres and it looked like it had a rear rack.

Didn’t see any locals at this time.

Police did seem to be up and down the main road.

PS: Yes, it’s shaggin cold!

Wow well done all, and feel sorry for you Ollie having to go through this.

I can see 3 possible next actions by our ‘lads’ dependent on how bright/cunning they are;

1 ) Leave the bike where it is in garage either because they didn’t hear about the ‘civilians’ looking for it or thwy think the old bill will not be round very soon ( or don’t care because the garage cannot be connected to them)

  1. Move it to another location thinking the tracker won’t be located there (dumb)

  2. Move it, early this morning .out of the estate and dump it a few hundred yards away.

I think (3) is the most likely if they are bright enough