ZX6R 2010 stolen from Brewer st. NCP! TRACKER POSTCODE!....UPDATED

This is getting beyond a joke now. Out of the 3 people in my office who ride, 2 have had there sports bikes stolen in the last 3 weeks.

2 guys on a scoot - one driving the scoot and pushing the one on the Kwacker.

It was stolen 1hr ago from NCP Brewer st. The carpark guy tried to stop them and they threatened him with a knife. There is a tracker on the bike which is showing SE5 8xx Ashworth Close… some of you might find that of interest…


I know, the knife business is nasty. I’ve seen some posts on here where people are given a bit of a hard time for not stepping in and it goes to show that its very risky.

Take as much detail as you can and call the plod.

It’s not worth it for a few grand is it…frickin’ rats!!!

Just to clarify the tracker “xx” is void. It only gives the approximate location of SE5 8 so is in that AREA, unless they chucked it in a bush!

Is it not worth going and having a look in the area coming up, chances are they may have parked it up somewhere and left it for a while to see if it has a tracker!

Funny, thats just what my mate said!

It was my bike,

sh*tty thing is it was only 3 weeks ago that I reported another guy at work’s fireblade stolen. It makes me sick. And it’s taken the police 2 hours to actually send someone down there to have a look for it. Too little too late I fear.

Please look out for it. It’s a green/black zx6r 2010. Stock exhaust etc.



if you had a rough idea where abouts it was why did you not shoot down there?

hopefully the tracker will help you get it back :slight_smile:

for once i agree with Choprock

Have the police gone to where the tracker is showing? (Camberwell)

didn’t go down there because I had no transport, and was dealing with the police,

also because they had just threatened the car park attendant with a knife and wasn’t in the mood for getting stabbed…

still waiting to hear back what’s happened. they said they would send someone down there but the police officer I’m with hasn’t heard anything back yet…


hey mate,

I will happily go take a look around with you if u want, im sure a couple of the others would be keen aswell. The norm is for them to park it and leave it to see if it gets picked up, we may be able to get your bike back!!

PM me, and we can have a chat.


we r gunna pop down and have a look!

good luck and be careful!


pm me if you need more people

any update on this one? anyone had any luck finding it?

Any update on this? PM me if you need another rider to come with.

Me and Rixxy are here now so if anyone wants to join us feel free. You’ll see us riding around.