ZX636 B1H

'53 plate, good condition, 31,159 miles, 5 months MOT, 10 months tax, recent Michelin Pilots, serviced last month with new brake pads, 2 exhausts (one standard), tinted screen, crash bungs all round, Evotech tail tidy, Datatool 3, Datatag, etc. Reliable and lots of fun with an interesting dyno reading.

Very sad to put my lovely bike up for sale :crying:. Can be viewed at the Ace or at Borough by appointment. £2,600.

Bump with a new price… Q

Bit high mileage but I know someone that may want that this week!

Has it had valve clearances recently?

any pictures?

As per avatar - don’t know how to upload pics on here

So it hasn’t had valve clearances then?

Not really high mileage, mine had 22k when I sold it and most of that was done in the first 2 years, didn’t need the valve clearances adjusting when checked. Chap I know commutes into London from Stevenage on a 636 and his has done 74k miles and the only problems with it are caused by him falling off it :slight_smile:

Well mine is 18k and sounds like they need doing, they SHOULD be done/checked every 15k but I’d be happy if mine didn’t need doing!

Just interested as my mate has money ready to go and is wanting to get on the road, but I would rather not recommend he buy something that needs major work, so wanted to make sure the major job which requires a pro had been done/checked…

No major work necessary but now sold. Thanks Q