ZX12R, fully serviced with many extras

Hi all

After a few blissful years of ownership (and a lot of love and care), I’m selling my lovely black & gold ZX12R.

Advertised on MCN and I’ve got a much longer / more detailed description, list of work done and parts upgraded for anyone interested.


Listed at £3,800 with £3,500 of extras left on/thrown in
Valued at more
Will let it go for £3,500 cash to a member here

Contact me here or via the ad (just realised number on the ad is incorrect - should be 07768, not 07788!)

Am selling because I’ve got a broken leg (no bikes involved) and won’t be able to ride her for a very long time. Have deliberately Priced low as I need money for more Physio and cabs ASAP (burning more than I’m earning). Now, I just want to see her go to a good home.

The bike’s in perfect mechanical order, good condition throughout and was refurbed earlier this year in prep for my summer tour to France which didn’t happen, so major service done early, many jobs done proactively in advance of the up year, fresh tyres just scrubbed in, new battery, etc.

P.S. Am open to P/X trade as I will need a runaround to use in town, and will be GS / adventure bike shopping for a now postponed ride to Africa (and probable beyond), so feel free to try me if you have something interesting :slight_smile:

I’d wish you luck with the sale but I don’t think you’ll need it

Wow - looks seriously good! Almost tempted to try to get rid of my ZX9R to get this one… :wink:

First tank drained, pillion comfy, rideout in the morning.:slight_smile:

Someone didn`t tighten several coolant hoses.

Now nearing 20,000miles.:cool: