ZX10R Launch Party


The Bike Pavilion in Letchworth (J9 A1 near Stevenage) are having a party to launch the ZX10R on the 7th Feb at 7pm, lots of free drink and food and apparantly some lycra ladies spread over some of the 2008 Kawasaki range including the 10R :stuck_out_tongue:

The do a good party, during the summer they had an opening party with band, BBQ etc, nice time so I guess the 10R launch will be just as good.

There’s also a draw to win a new ZX10R.

Imagine all that snot in one shop:D

dam i wont b here.o well i dont ride sports bikes anyway

oooh thats not far away, hope Im not working that night might pop over to see what I cant afford :slight_smile:

They do sell other colours :wink:

green is about passion, blue is about cold and calculating…

Just don’t suggest he’s only got half an engine, at least the ZX10 has all 4 cylinders :P;)

bummer Im out that night on some fandangled work thingie. please post lots of pics of the bikes?! want to see your new 8 when you get it too! :wink: i still love my 7 though :wink:

I’m going to the Whitton Kwak dealer on 7th for chance to win a new one - then sell it, get a RS250 plus 04/05 10r (Green) to go with me 7r.

yes killer, good choice RS250 great little bike…taking my 7 and the new 10 to brands on the 1st march…you coming…

Red is about passion…Green is about Man Flu;):smiley:

nah red is about italian fire…green is about being one with yourself, with nature about real individualism and true passion…and snot of course…

Doubt I can afford the track - may visit as observer, be great to see your 2 kwaks

Tonight ! 7pm, draw at 8pm, I’ll be going home with a second bike :smiley:

Went to dealer in Reading… some chap in the Midlands won the prize draw bike, so they said.

But hey, I won a green and black Team Kawasaki Polo shirt! Will wear it the the Ace so you can all admire it. :wink:

Is that everybody or just those on the newbie table?;):smiley:

You can admire it too… in fact, if it matches your hair colour, I’ll give you the shirt!
It doesn’t look right when I’m riding a Triumph.

Not much chance of that but I do have an old ZXR bobble hat…does that count?:smiley:

i wasat an essex dealers last night to have a look at a 10, didnt win it but won a t shirt,

Turned up at the same place as Killer 1 to witness him and his mate jump aboard the in store display 10R and ride off into the distance. :slight_smile: