zx10...farnborough might not be able to supply...damn

Well went into the newly opened not infinity shop today…no problem with the deposit just a probelm with whether they will have a Kawasaki Franchise…hmm damn…will have to look elsewhere maybe…

Get the bike from Clapham high street store. They should get them in…Infact I’ll ask 'em when I pass there this arvo.

Did they say what franchises they will be having?

definitely suzuki, and Yamaha, they were hoping for Kawasaki but not sure.

So I have gone and ordered one from Portman Kawasaki and put another deposit down…do you know the bummer…I still wont get it until february…so its still my birthday present…and the great thing there was a man from kawasaki in the shop and he gave me a kawasaki sports bag and invited me to come onto the stand at the NEC to sit on it…I will get the first one in the country he says…hmm not sure about that but we will see…

So now I have to think what I am going to do with the deposit at the Not Ininifty shop at Farnborough.

They have some tuono R’s in anyone got any experience of them…they look good street bikes and I fancy something different…

Can’t you spend the deposit on Green lid, leathers, gloves, boots and leds?:wink:

I wouldn’t get LED’s, you’ll never hear the end of it ! :wink:

But the difference is you can get away with Green LED’s on a ZX-10 cos you just know the owner is a nut-nut anyway;):smiley:

Isn’t that true for any litre bike :slight_smile:

My HID kit arrived today, very nice it is too, proper steel bodied ballast and quality waterproof connectors on the loom, well made.

Let us know how you get on mate. A few pics would be nice too:)

He cannot do that as it will be a totally different company selling the bike from the one that he left the deposit with.:w00t:

By the sound of it they have agreed to honour the deposit so surely they will allow him to spend it whichever way he deems fit seeing as they can’t supply his snotmobile:)

A great deal more complicated that that my friend! It will have totally rusted away by this time next year if he does get one so its almost irrelivant!! LOL:D

no the deposit I will spend on another bike, not the zx10…want to support the new company so will use it to buy a bike this next week or so…but green LED’s hmmm know what you mean slarty…and agree with chunky monkey loopy all those zx10 riders…:crazy:

I’d say the owner of any green coloured bike is suffering from a lack of taste more than anything…

Kawasaki do make black, blue and silver bikes too you know :Whistling:

had a test ride on a tuono. very odd feel compared to sports bike even tho its largely the factory bike with upright bars. guess its a high seat from that set up as you’d normally be ass high and wrists low. seat was firm/harsh and i felt very high up overall. didn’t really do it for me tbh

Yes got a stinking cold cant taste a thing so green it is…:smiley:

At least if you sneeze on your ZX-10 you won’t see it;):w00t:

you wont see the green LED’s until night fall either…

The Tuono as a street bike - you may find a little choppy riding it about under 5krpm all the time - it doesnt start to feel right until you are riding above this - so if you test it make it out of the city. If you can live with the frame - go with the factory version.

Why don’t you buy the new R1??