Zumba Classes

I was wondering if anyone would like to come with me? I’m doing it to push my stunting to the next level but it would also be nice to have some company whilst doing it, as things like this are more fun with someone else…

:smiley: Your stunting to the next level??? Wake up girl :D:D

Ermmmm ‘Class’

That normaly means that there will be other people there??

Im in peak physical condition so Im out…


Don’t you just love when people talk about things they haven’t even got a tiny clue about :smiley:

I know what im talking about. I run Zumba at my centre. Its for the lazy women :smiley:

So is stunting, basically messing about ina car park with a tshirt and armour on?

I just like to watch this over and over: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf0q6qtThF4

Love a bit of weight loss myself: skip dinner, go down the pub, drink lots of interesting things, dance about a bit, go to lots more pubs, repeat, skip the kebab, walk home cos you have got no money left, bit of a relaxing sleep, bowl of all bran for breakfast, cup of coffee, possible chunder, sit on bog with old magazine for company. Wowzzer, you have lost several kilos.

story of my life…:smiley:

So that is why you are so thin and fit, works wonders. :slight_smile: