Who would be up for this? http://www.surf-wax.co.uk/sports/zorb/index.htm

I’d do it again - its a good laugh (especially watching people who fail to jump in first go)

“EDIT” just noticed these aren’t the ones we went in - you get harnessed in these which will mean you don’t have to jump in!!

You can do harnessed, or un-harnessed with water (so you slide around inside).

Where, when, how much!!

All depends who, and how many, are interested… There is a place in Stevenage that costs around £40, and another in Dorset (ride-out opportunity?) that is a bit cheaper and also do group discounts.

Done it before and it was excellent even better with a bucket or two of water chucked in!

Might be up for doing it again

If you do plan this i would reccomend taking a deposit (non-refundable) from all parties - as i’ve noticed a few people having been pulling out of organised events at the last minute with feeble excuse’s!!!

Just a thought!!

Or tell them the date and time and get them to book themselves

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

GP - I think I want to try both, with (un-harnessed) and without (harnessed) water