ZOD for President

If I were voting in the US elections, I’d vote for this guy. He seems like a fellow kindred spirit.


Very very good HAHA i liked this bit!

Q. General Zod I salute you! Here in the UK your former emissary Blair has made a splendid land fit for your rule. Legislation such as the “Civil Contingencies Act 2004” now allows our Leader to confiscate property with no compensation and no recourse to the law simply by declaring a State of Emergency. I look forward to handing over my possessions and my life to you. – Paul
A. Yes, and you speak with honesty. I have reviewed this law. Under Section 22 (3) (b) and ©, the government may enable the requisition or confiscation of property with or without compensation and allow the destruction of property, animal life or plant life. There are also a number of ambiguous powers that tell of frenzied levels of submission by the British people. This is a marvelous gesture that I shall remember fondly when I take office.