zip125-a few problems!

hi all,new on here,i have just bought my mates zip off him as hes getting his first geared bike and i need a runaround until i get my full licence!

the zips not a bad little commuter but it has a few problems…

the main one being when i slow down or stop and go to pull away,if i give it to much throttle it dies and cuts out or it feels like its going to,like a geared bike a little except theres no clutch to dip!
i’m thinking its dirt in the fuel line or carb. or it could be an electrical fault?

any help would be much appreciated.


sounds to me like it’s grabbing far to much air… either that or it’s flooding with fuel… is the zip a carb unit or fuel injection?

hi matt

ya know i’m not sure,i just nipped out and had a look but i can see much becuase of all the plastics are in the way! but if it helps its an 02 model it dont look liek a carb to me,get a better look in daylight.
if i back off teh throttle and crawl and slowly open it it picks up ok,its giving it a fistfull it dont like.

yep,cheers charly,it is a carb,but with a catylist on it.


My 2001 Zip 125 has developed this same problem over the last couple of thousand miles.

Really annoying when you go to pull away and it dies…not to mention dangerous.

I am pretty sure an 02 Zip125 is a two stroke. As for the flat spot - belt and/or roller wear can cause dramatic flat spots in my experience of two-stroke autos.

No the zip 125 is 4 stroke leader engine, its non injected, could be a number of things, dirty carb?

With acceleration problems it is worth checking whether the spark plug lead is connected properly, and also seal it with something like Holtz damp sealant, especially if problems are worse in the wet.

Check the inlet gasket aswell - if its taking in too much air it’ll be running lean and give you crappy performance, if the spark plug is white its running too lean, should be brownly colour (black, too rich)

Had a similar prob on my CG125 and it turned out to be the gasket of all things!

My ZIp 125 started making a noise like there was a hole in my exhaust pipe not long after this problem started. I checked the pipe with my hand when it was running but no holes. The noise was coming from where it went into the bike. I have had a couple of people suggest it might be the gask that has blown. Could this be causing both the noise and the intermidate lack of power?


hi ya

All zip125’s are four stroke, i sorted my problem, well a shop did but i can do it my self next time!
it was my air filter, had a little oil in it and it was filthy, that and a new spark plug sorted it out, it has started doing it again (after nearly 6months), cleaned the filter and it still does it, neeeds a new spark plug me thinks.

if you pull away from a standstilll and it bogs right down and then slowly picks up, then its your variator and rollers that are knackered, and most probably teh drive belt too.

all these problems i have had and were diagnosed and sorted by a decent scooter shop( scooterden east london).

damb i could said air filter if i had read this page a few days earlier!!! i figured this out by trying to fit a sports air filter which led to dirty air geting in and too much air which caused flat spots and lack in power when given full throttle, oo and a cracked cap that fits the spark plug wasletting water and dampness in, tht mite be worth looking at,