zip repair

Anyone know where I might get a zip repaired on my leathers? Watford area preferably. :slight_smile:

Wasp is your best option :wink:

any taylor should be able to mate


I shouldn’t think I could afford that class of taylor, I’m looking more at local theatre/soap opera/reality tv level.

I got recommended this guy by the met blokes when I did bikesafe.

not sure where he is based.

or, if you want the local theatre approach have you tried the Palace Theatre Watford? Clarendon Road?

there wont be a costume dept till the new season starts in september though

I have had work done at

Good job and they will do it while you wait if you give them enough notice. Or you can send it to them.

Based near Saffron Walden I think.

Just send Wasp a PM and be done with it:D


Yep all i need to know is which zip and the length then you can call in and i’ll do it while you wait :wink: