Zeitgeist The Movie...

Well, I’ve always had an interest in this sort of thing. Not so much a conspiracy theory follower, more of an interest in fact based documentaries. I don’t go in for the whole alien lizards rule the world sort of thing, more the lesser known stuff like this documentary goes on about.


The long and short of it is that it does sound a bit far fetched, but if you listen and watch what is being said with an unbiased viewpoint on the matter, it is very easy to see that a lot of the evidence is just too believable to be made up! :ermm:

So, give it a go and see what you think at the end of it. It’s 2 hours long, but rivetting stuff! SKIP THE FIRST 14 MINUTES OR SO, ITS JUST CRAP OPENING SEQUENCES! :wink:


And a big thanks to John for giving me the website details at BMM! :smiley:

I watched this a few years ago and handed it out on DVD to everyone I thought was open minded enough to watch it! Good film

Glad you liked it, now watch Addendum for 2 more hours of mind blowing stuff. :slight_smile: