After 20 years of riding HONDA - and happy with that - I am more and more being drawn to Kawasaki, for my next bike, specifically Ninja1000SX
Previous bikes were Transalp650, VFR800 (04), Triumph Sprint1050, VFR800 (09) still have it, VFR800 (19) still have it

Just take one out for a test ride. I have the 2022 model Ninja 1000SX Tourer, which has slight benefits over the previous model, that being the Z1000SX. It is noticeably more comfortable that the ZX-10Rs I had previously (2009 & 2016 models). Cruise control, heated grips, traction control, ABS, and lots of other things within the clocks. Being able to get over 200 miles range is terrific, compared to a maximum of 140 miles on the previous toy, although usually that was 120 miles. It’s not as fast at all, but will do 150+ mph, allegedly. Service intervals are 7,200 miles, compared the the ZX-10R of 4,000 miles.

I bought my one in May 2022 and did over 10k miles on it within six months. It’s lovely to ride.

I would recommend buying from East London Kawasaki aka Bacon’s Motorcycles, as their customer service is excellent and they’ve been servicing my bikes for 5+ years. Bacon’s labour costs are far better value than most other motorcycle dealerships too. Avoid buying from Colchester Kawasaki, Bacon’s do lots of warranty work on bikes bought from Colchester Kawasaki for one thing.

If you’re interested in it’s mileage, DM with you email address and I’ll send you my geeky Excel spread sheet.

There is a new colour scheme that came out late 2022.


what a fantastic response!
I have had some great VFR experiences up until the only ever NEW bike purchase ever my 2019 VFR pictured. She felt great and was a superb ride but continual battery issues have left me feeling I should be looking elsewhere - Bacons unfortunately is on the other side of London and don’t do 20mph,
You are right I need to take one out for a ride - thinking of going down to Gresham Kawasaki in Newbury.

Definetly recommend Greenhams .
They are actually owned and Run by Kawasaki staff not franchise.
Mechanics know their stuff and staff are friendly

Having been a total regular at Honda Chiswick, I feel Greenhams “should” be the ideal

went down to Greenhams of Friday and yes they seem more interested in the customer than the explicit sales