Z needs a service

It’s time for a 8000k service for the Z750. I’ve been using George White (Shoreditch) who are quoting £185 inc. oil/ filter and plugs.

Reservations are that they are not a Kwak dealer and the price could be cheaper.

Can anyone recommend a place that’ll do a good job at a better price, and stamp my book to keep my warranty?


Got my Ninja from Lloyd Cooper in Watford on 01923 221125; they have serviced it well ever since not sure on your 8000 mile cost though!


It’s time for your 8 million mile service ? And people say Kwaks aren’t built to last !

And I count beans for a living!

hi, not sure where you’re based but I can highly recommend Henry my mechanic. He’s serviced my hornet, firestorm and Chuffster’s ninja and does a very good job. Based in dartford.

I’m sure someone on here has mentioned that they can and will service bikes.

Was it Garethruislip ? Maybe not him, I’m getting old and my memory fades but I’m sure someone did.