yzf r125 60 plate

I passed theory and MOD1 and now got MOD2 at the end of March, so looking at R6s…

I am selling my pearl white 60 plate YZF YZFR125 which i got brand new end of october 2010…the bike is absolutely perfect pearl white 60 plate, no scratches or anything at all, full service history, 3200 miles on the clock, all the documents etc, always garaged, completely standard except a tinted double bubble screen, rear seat cover, removed pillar pegs, R&G tail tidy, yamaha crash bungs, the bike has been professionaly valeted by MO clean once a month to keep it in showroom condition, chain cleaned and lubed every week by myself… so yeah reason for sale genuine…im very close to getting my full license and want my R6 as soon as possible after passing…the are no scratches… I fell 2 times in the first 2 weeks if owning the bike and had scuffs on the front fairings but the crush bungs protected it from anything more, I bought and replaced the fairings straight away at the dealers… It gas got 2 keys and the whole owners leather booklet thing with the manuals, stamped full service history books warranty books etc basically everything the dealer gave me wen I purchased it even the price tag lol… It’s been serviced at the dealers and like I said professionally valeted once a month by mo clean who are very well known, cost me 130 for the valet each month, it’s got yamaha crush bungs fitted and tinted double bubble screen as well as r&g tail tidy … It’s mint and ur more than welcome to come view it anytime, inspect it as much as u like, test ride it (if u can show proof if insurance) … I genuinely need to get rid of it asap as I’m burning for the R6… My email is [email protected] email me and I’ll email u my number

im looking for £2450.00 ovno.

based in London.

R6, nice bike.

There’s also an LB ‘white goods’ sale section… :hehe:

Just kidding - good luck with the sale - it sounds clean

haha cheers… ofcourse its clean its not like i said:

Dear Sirs.

Greetings to you all, your family, loved ones, friends, future friends, pets and everyone else. We honour and appreciate all our customers from the UK and worldwide that have bought from us and those that are yet to buy from us.

My name is Obumu Ogatungo. I’m an English Man like you, but currently visiting Nigeria “for business”. Below is my picture, riding my YZF R250 Turbo.

I’m selling my custom made YZF R250 turbo. As you can see, it is fully customised: handle bars made to measure, extra high triple clamp, extended swing arm, aerodynamic brake lever with an amazing braking power. It even has Air-Bag!
I know the bike is worth more than £5K, but I’m selling it to you today for only 2,000 GBP. Because I’m overseas, I will accept payment by Western Union.

The bike is currently on the Ebay depot. As soon as you send your payment, they will deliver the bike at your address.

With the warmest regards,


Is that his ‘pants’ around his ankles! :hehe:

:D:DJust on another note, you said you wanted proof on insurance for a test drive, make sure you get the full amount in cash aswell.

yeah i got my counterfeit pen thingy at the ready…but is it a good price you reckon - i need to get rid quick as im burning for the R6!!!

Yes, i’d say its a fair price. 1st rule of selling something is never to mention you want to sell it quickly because you will get stupid offers. I’d also advertise on pistonheads, gumtree, and biketrader if you want to sell quickly. Are you doing the full DAS, or are you going to restrict the R6?

Make sure viewings are not done where-ever you keep your bike. Scumbugs will scope out your security, ask you questions about what your lifestyle to find out when it’s un-attended and then try to pinch it.

Try to meet them somewhere busy or have a mate with you at the very least. Ace is a great spot to meet up, alternatively, try a petrol station because they have over-head lighting so the buyers can see it in the evenings.

Good-luck with the sale, and protect yourself at all times.

I reckon it’s worth the asking price so don’t take a silly offer since you have the R6 itch.

Thank you very much for the heads up guys…

basic info but i never thought of it!

also, im getting a restricted R6 as im 20

i will do my test again when im 21 (next feb) so i dont have to wait full 2 years…thought thats the smartest option

completely standard eh?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you drop your bike like 3 times when you first joined or was that a different bike?

Anyway, good luck with the sale. R6 is a nice bike fo sho:)

I’ll buy it…

Then race you off the lights and totally smoke you…

After winning and being uber kool, I will then burn it to celebrate.:slight_smile:

What bike u ride jewel?

GSXR 1000 k3

U know what bike I REALLY LOVE - ktm the 1080r or whatever it’s called… Sounds so amazing and looks so cool but I guess can’t be restricted

I almost bought one but went with the Ducati 1098S back 2 and abit years ago.

KTM is good but I think ducati is better overall and abit more reliable. they both sound mental.

Plus the 1098 was shexy looking.

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