YZF 1000 Thunderace

Just seen a reasonably priced example for sale and am very tempted any body got one? What they like?

What they like allways liked its predecessor the FZR when I was a kid. (Although the ride never seemed that comfortable)

Very under-rated really. Great motor. Bit lardy by today’s standards…(carries the weight not so bad considering)…but if well, priced and ya wanna go touring, then well worth a look. Same old Yamaha of the era; i.e. make sure the shock linkages have been maintained (lubed and kept clean etc). And have a good sniff about the clutch and head-race bearings…

Very good brakes, weighs the same as a ZX7R so it needs 'em.

Strong motor, they all use a bit of oil. A good ace makes same power as a poor 98 R1.

I did 7K miles on one in 4 months. Should be cheap.

little bit cheaper to insure than an r1…

Only heard good things TBH except typical fragile finish of that era.

Makes a real excellent sprot/tourer and works well two up, like a smaller nimbler Blackbird.

Look smart in blue too!

If the slipper fits… go try it man.

Excellent bike, do tend to use a lot of oil, at least a pint every thou miles.

Shocks wear out really quick, very spongy anyway but are superb at touring. Really comfy n loadsa power. Surprisingly agile for it’s size, you wont be far behind a full on hypersports on the twisties.

Long as ya got FYSH, with all the services done, then can’t see a problem.

How’s it looking Dan?

Bike was listed on ebay and I sent a few pertinent questions to seller who sent me a frank reply telling me that even if I bought money up in full there would be no test ride. I was to bid like every one else, I am allways a bit wary of ebay and would never buy a bike I hadn’t ridden.

The guy was probably genuine and I can understand why they might be dubious about a test ride. I fancy a bigger bike but am prepared to wait for the right one and certainly one I had test ridden.