And what did you type into google to find that…

think i will give that a miss

lol nothing, I’m at work bored so thought I’d have a look at some of the pics and stumbled across this…

I dont know what to say to you karl im pml:P:P

mate she is all yours


Not for me :wink:


lmao - I just sent this link to a colleague who lives in Brighton! haha :hehe:

I wouldnt want to deny you the pleasure mate lol…

That old chestnut hey;)


“i have p…y not c…k…”

Yeah, thanks for that!

Given that ’ she ’ also appears to have a pretty convincing pair of boobies i think you lot ( not you lusty ) should ask yourself the question…

If i was out on the town legless and ‘she’ came on to me would i notice the adams apple ?

LOL , looking for a man to have fun with and um… swap shoes by the looks of things !:w00t:

Yeah - don’t laugh! beer goggles an that! It’s frightening to think what might happen after six to eight pints of lager! ;):D:P