You've got to be kidding . . .

This is from a new British disaster movie ‘Flood’

Is it April fools day ?

this pics from the movie too

i`d be out of a job if that where to happen. then again i could always learn how to pilot a bout

i`d be out of a job if that where to happen. then again i could always learn how to pilot a boat

another pic

may have to buy a big boat if that happens

Who’dya reckon will be first off the lights in a canoe Oggy or shall I pick you up in mine on Commercial Road ? has a certain ring to it

I live on the hill in Forest Hill so I recon my house will be a nice desirable river front property

If you turned the Dome upside down it would make a huge dinghy, millions could flee in safety

“A dinghy is a small utility boat” Wikepedia

Hmmm Jet Ski … might be quicker getting to work, mind you we’d still get idiots on the waves

Well we are the first off the lights on the sv’s

Yeah u can pick me up mean I can sleep on the way to work

Whoo hoo!

Flood plain freaks be dammed.
Come live on Streatham Hill with the smart folks!

Which made-for-TV disaster theory doco is this then…the BBC in collaboration with NBC, RTL France, RTL Germany, TIKO TIKO Turkish Tele 1, and Dreamscape show you just what an over-active imagination their computer effects department has, and just how cheap they can be when they buy in the software that was used 5 years ago on the film Day After Tomorrow, and adapted for use with flames instead of water 1 year ago on 28 weeks later.

Are Daily Mail headlines coming true? Should the foreigners be kicked out? Will tinfoil and carrots give you Cancer/AIDS/Impotence (delete as appropriate).

Find out here live or as near as live as we can fake on BBC7 home of all the rubbish the real commissioning editors didn’t want.