Youtube vid!

I was looking for something else and just found this:w00t:

kill switch popers , 30 years late …been there done that …tunnels are the best :smiley: …can’t do it with fuel injection though

Tunnels eh… :smiley:

the old 400/4 with a piper exhaust was the best , mine won’t do it now , it’s injected :crying: … :smiley:

My GSX loves it, you have to give it a little throttle, best when rolling down hills.

P.S: It’s immature, silly and pointless :wink:

and in the end sods up your compression:D

mine’s been spitting flames, looks sick!

Can’t believe he hit the car and left the scene!

I haven’t done that for years, used to do it in cars aswell.

Haha I wouldn’t have stopped for that ugly c*nt outside the restaurant, that’s for sure.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see the point of this, and it definitely makes us “normal bikers” the bad guys… Do it in the countryside, but terrifying people in cities is fugging annoying and childish…

im sure it was mcn that done this

I will!

Seen this before and those guys at the bus stop crack me up every time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

These people are idiots…more lack of respect. And leaving the scene of an accident too.

Utter Knb Jckeys

Wouldn’t you cover your plate if you were going to act like a … ?

it was Fast bikes mag who did this i think…

sounds like the same guys as this :wink:

theres some good vid of shakey burn when he worked for fast bikes