Youtube and the like

When you view videos on these websites, does it use a lot of bandwidth up?

I was told to turn the internet radio off at work because it was clogging things up. So does the same apply to viewing videos?

Due ot bandwidth all streaming content and video and audio files are blocked by the network here. Shame - becasue my job actually dpends on knowing what is going on in real time and you can’t even get a radio signal here.

Yes youtube etc use up bandwidth, probably more so than online radio stations; that said you are fairly unlikely to have you tube constantly streaming whereas an online radio station is by definition likely to be on constantly.

We have a prob here that we have a half meg broadband (fastest we can get ) shared between ten or so machines, generally everything works ok as generally things like page changes etc are not in sync… but this morning for example I had to boot everyone off as I was downloading a big file and it was taking forever

Most larger work places will block this sort of content as when you multiply up the bandwidth used from each person on these sites/services, you end up with one clogged connection!

Luckily work has a 1000mb connection here.

My employer has a very fast internet connection, but unfortunatly, over 100,000 users!