Youths on stolen scooters ransack Infinity

Youths on scooters in the CCTV footage apparently. Raiding infinity stores over Dec and Jan. 1000£ reward for info. It’s the wild wild west!

Where the wanted posters?

Not that knocking it but £1000 reward to spend at infinity…
how going to buy anything if all stock been knicked :joy:

At least they are attracting more and more attention that will hopefully lead to action soon. Sorry for Infinity though.

UK should have a special treaty with north korra to send scum like that to “work” in one of their camps.

As Shaun said, they are slowly driving more and more attention to themselves.

It’s rare I get pissed off but these scooter gangs are totally on my shit list

With police budgets being cut at squeezed do you think that the Met has actual resources to deal with this?

shrug apparently plenty different arai helmets on his profile and Instagram recently.


Note to self. Don’t upset Banman, he’s awesome. Oh and Aceman. And while I’m on the subject, most bikers.

Could be, he has a selection of bikes on his fb 


I am awesome. You’re not the first to say. But that wasn’t me. Some dude on the FB anti theft group did this. Lots of agreement. Wonder what will happen next. These kids do like to boast on social media it seems.

I’m just here to bring you the news.

Got a link to the FB group? Worth sharing.

This is the UK motorcycle theft protest group. It’s currently a closed group.

This is the Stolen! Reporting group of you’re also interested in seeing the multiple bikes stolen daily sometimes!

I reckon that’s the cemetery at manor park, have seen two of these bikes two up around east London two with potential footballers riding them without plates, balaclavas and a death wish

Could be, he has a selection of bikes on his fb 
He's standing just right for a good hard kick in the [email protected]@@@@@s

Or a gunshot between his eyes :open_mouth: