Your worst nightmare

Note how he’s running wide, and hits the rider coming the other way head-on:

This is why I’m a bit wary on “popular motorcycle roads” on sunny weekends… morons like this one.

FWIW, the guy causing the accident (with the camera) lived, the guy he hit died on the way to the hospital.

Stay safe, people.

i’ve seen this a couple of time and each time it makes me angry… and sad

Thats bad stuff man, getting wiped out by a cager is one thing but bein taken out by a felow biker is another…

Seen that before, not nice :frowning:

I’ve been caught out a couple of times in the past after overtaking cars on fast roads and not realising how fast I’m travelling post overtake until a corner is looming.

Looks like he target fixated on the first near miss and then sat the bike up. After that it was pretty much on rails. I think he could have made it, or at least made the accident less severe if he’d kept his nerve and lent the bike over. It did look like a blind corner he was approaching though.

I try to be aware of this all the time and also when filtering. The last thing we all want is to take out our opposite number coming in the opposite direction.

could be the red bike that overtook him (and was overtaking on the wrong side of the road in front of him) might have encouraged him to ride beyond his means? no excuse though - you ride your own ride! gutting :frowning:

kitty I agree with you, that was probably it… that’s why I don’t like riding in groups, I’d hate feeling under pressure to keep up with someone who’s a faster rider than me, or to unconsciously put pressure on another rider who’d go beyond his ability to keep up with me and make a mess!

Btw I never thought I was such a swift rider in London (not compared to my crazy Austrian mate Felix, who’s been riding for 15+ years and leaves me in the dust consistently despite my courier experience), until I went out with a mate on a nearly identical bike and I had to wait for him to catch up constantly because he wouldn’t touch opportunities with a barge pole that I’d take without thinking twice.

Group dynamics in biking are screwy me thinks, you are best off thinking for yourself – and riding solo!

Not able to see the vid as it’s blocked by works server. However, I had a close call on Saturday with another biker coming the other way.

Going down the A40 just west of Oxford, (before the dual carrigeway near Whitney) I was hanging back behind a campervan (able to see his off-side mirror), when a BMW GS appeared in front of me (he/she was overtaking traffic on their side of the road and had crossed the white line! I moved in, but he’d no where to go. Crazy!! 1745.Just watched the above clip. It’s a timely reminder for us all and is a perfect illustration on what can happen when you get your line in and out of corners wrong!!!

Very sad - a lot of us who ride all year often get suprised when spring comes along and suddenly there are a lot of bikes coming in the opposite direction on road space (centre of road) that we have been used to having pretty much all to ourselves for the preceding few months. Particularly in the summer always be on the look out for your opposite number (bike) coming up very fast in front or from behind.

Nothing sadder (for us lot) than seeing a smashed up bike, coolant and oil all over the road, ambulances, cut off leathers in the road etc. And then thinking about the poor partner, parents and kids that are going to be shortly hearing the terrible news.

Be switched on and look after yourselves out there guys!

I’ve seen it when I was back home, the rider with the camera survived but will remain disabled for the rest of his life…plus he has suffered brain damage as far as I know…:ermm: mixed feelings…

Man! that shook me up…i’m going nice and easy 2mo…:ermm: