Your thoughts for 2010.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I must firstly apologise for my short stint away from this place. I’m sure you all felt my absence deep down inside. No? What about deep deep down? Oh. Fine then.

Anyway, I was having a discussion with a friend, and I decided to expand it here.

So what are YOUR plans for 2010? Are they of a romantic jaunt? Do you have plans to travel? Post them all here, and I thought it might be nice if we ressurrect this thread on Christmas Eve 2010, to see if we’ve achieved any of our goals.

I’ll go first, to start the ball rolling, if you will. My plans are:

  • Pass my theory and practical tests for both bike and car (bike first, of course :D)
  • Find and buy my new motorbike and leathers/boots
  • Join the Territorial Army as an Officer Cadet (Posh posh what what) and become a STAB
  • Find myself a nice girl and do dastardly things with her :w00t:
  • Go on a long biking trip around the UK, seeing all my far-flung friends and getting some serious time in the saddle.

And now you go! Merry Christmas LB!

thats a long list:P
get myself a new bike
get a new job and start earning some cash
go out more in london:)

Have one plan,try and sell my house and emegrate!

Bloody stabs :w00t::hehe:

I plan to have fun :smiley: Biking, fuc kin, boarding… in that order :hehe:

Happy new year all.

Run in my new bike,
Go to Le Mans for the MotoGP
Go to the Isle of Man for the TT,
Holiday in the UK touring on my bike,
Lots of gigs Greenday, Pearl Jam, all 3 days of Sonisphere

Hope everyone has a great 2010!


catch a 20lb+ Pike before the season ends (31st march 2010)

get soem more track days in and move up from inters to advanced

and generally be happier in 2010!:smiley:

wow, that is a long list…

I plan to work myself to death, move house, live happily ever after with doug, well…it should last until march when the bike comes out of hibernation :D:D

:laugh: see prioritys!:smiley: good on ya mel;):w00t:

-Do my month Euro road trip in the summer (Martin come to the Ukraine with me PLEASE!!!)
-Finish uni
-Start another degree
-Find a rich bikerman who will buy me lots of bikes and fund my enduro :smiley: :wink:
-Learn to pull a proper wheelie/stoppie/rolling burnout :smiley:

Hmmmm, let me think. This is going to take me a while.

You love us really.

Besides, after uni it’s into the Regs for me, and this funds more biking! :smiley:

Work my new bar job,
pay off a bit of debt,
build a new supercomputer,
pass my bike test/get big bike,
build my company using bar job funds :smiley:

Great idea for a thread. :slight_smile: Good luck all!


  • Clear debts and get finances under proper control (I like pretty things and don’t always ask how much they cost)
  • Focus hard on work and maximise the opportunities presented in my current contract
  • Ride the bike, a lot, including jaunts across Europe
  • Make headway into my list of dressmaking and tailoring projects (use the fabric I already have before buying more)
  • Make lots of cakes and desserts!
  • Remember to buy birthday presents, on time, and get them to the recipients, on time

I hope to buy a new bike, try and win the lottery and try and not get made redundant.

Happy Christmas all

I hope 2010 would be a better one for everybody. Biggest plan for this year is 2 weeks California trip in July on a Harley…I bought the tickets already…can’t wait!:smiley:

Also planning another bike trip to Faak (Austria)… for the European bike week in September

Buy an old rat bike.

Build workshop gazebo/tent

Write some how to guides whilst carrying out a major overhaul of the GSX-R

Drink Dragon Stout whilst doing the above :smiley:

Well it has taken some time, but I would like spinal surgery. After five years, and four prolapses of the same ruddy disk in 20 months I would like it fixed please.

Ahhhhh, you poor thing. can you get referred for that?

Hopefully, the GP is writing some letters so hopefully something will come out of it.

Sonisphere is amazing!!! i was there this year! see u there in 2010 :smiley: lol