Your opinions on parking where you live

Hi all,

I’m looking into motorcycle parking facilities and would really appreciate you input on the following survey:

I’m a very long time lurker… will get round to an introduction to the community soon!


NumNum, seems like you’ve given the issue I’m thinking about some thought before. I fall in the same category that you describe (park bike outside, different spot everyday and I don’t always get the ones with a post to tie the bike to).

I’ll drop you a PM tomorrow and we’ll take it from there.

What is question 11 about?

It shouldn’t be there, I’ve removed it.

Thanks for pointing out.

The whole forum is now hung in suspense, what was question 11 :ermm:

fill in now wheres my free goody bag??

So who’s told a total stranger where/how they park up, security arrangements etc :w00t:

Art, I was mindful of that when designing the survey. I certainly wouldn’t give away where i park and the security I use with any precision on a public forum. If you take the survey you’ll notice that you don’t need to do provide any location information beyond the city you live in - “London” is enough.

Obviously a post code or borough would help with the next phase (deciding which areas should be a priority for rolling this out) but it’s not a question you are required to answer.

I’m new to biking and I’m new to LB - but I’m a long time member of several car forums. Give it a few months and I’ll be part of the furniture here :slight_smile:

Kulj, goodie bags… maybe something parking related. You’ll have to wait and see.

only asked for part of the postcode not all

but some might give whole postcode and this new random member will be doing some night runs in a van.


I’m going to close the survey later today so anyone who hasn’t yet done it, time is of the essence :slight_smile:

Big thank you to all who have completed already.