your opinions on dedicated armour jackets... all, i am interested in your thoughts on dedicated armour shirts/long-johns…

being a lanky streak, most off-the-peg stuff will not have the armour in the right places when i fall; i assume these undersuits will solve this problem and allow me to buy non-custom leathers (made-to-measure BKS etc… are a bit out of my price range right now)

the Knox example above has adjustable armour positions from what i can gather

i know in practice these things are a pain as they arent that practical to pop to the shops in but if i got into a routine it shouldn’t be that bad?..

cheers :slight_smile:

Its good stuff…but there is zero abrasion protection from this kind of kit.

try something like Draggin jeans kevlar lined jeans/cargos witch you can fit armour to…or again use the knox stuff under. They also make jackets which again are kevlar lined.

No point saving that broken…if you lose all your skin :smiley:

Also textile jackets are usually cut with longer arms, so again worth a look

cheers, started to think no-one had tried 'em :slight_smile:

thinking of buying a two piece suit and taking out the standard protection to allow me to wear the knox protection comfortably underneath

but will check out the textile arm length as that would definitely be a bonus

thx again for the input

my other half crashed wearing one of those armoured suits a couple of years ago and it saved his bacon. It was a hit and run and he walked away, albeit with a broken scaphoid, but that was it! Well worth the investment and you can wear a light jacket (something with kevlar as babyJ suggests) over the top in summer instead of sweaty leathers.

I have one of the Knox back armour plates, very comfy but I can’t say whether it actually works or not thank god :smiley:

thanks for the advice, i think i am going to have to try on a lot of stuff to get a good fit

i think the MCN bike show on saturday should help…well if i can drag myself away from the bikes :slight_smile:

I have some Knox Cross Guard knee armour to wear under my summer riding trousers because of the trouble with the built-in armour being in the wrong place.

It’s very comfortable - I can wear it all day with no ill-effects.

Whether or not it’ll do the job I hope I never find out.

just bought the exact same armour…the chest armour seems a biit small to me in terms of the coverage and their is a still a lack of length to the back armour in my opinion, but I will be wearing mine with the ZX10 and on track from now on…

I have the Bohn Armor Crusader suit which works better than most jackets, in that you adjust the armor to fit YOU, instead of your jacket. The shoulders and elbows are covered in hard plastic so I don’t worry so much about the skin protection, and the mesh is reasonably fine, so you can wear a nylon windbreaker to a purpose built leather jacket. You can even wear a long sleeve shirt and be pretty safe. The lower half is (nylon) underwear armor, so you need some protection there. You can even buy armor for your neck and collar bone.

They even have armor designed to fit Aerostich jackets! Which is outstanding since Nobodys armor fits any other gear.