Your opinion please

Hi all I have a fantastic friend who has made me a new website (

He has spent all day doing it its not quite there yet but please tell me what you think this is the new one is the old please compare the two and tell me

the new one is not quite done as I have to update the content on it but its rough



I think is the better of the 2 as the other looks a little unintresting.

I think you need better photos. I mean it, if you want it look pro these pics are too “had few pints and a camera” for me.

I like the design though.

New one looks good, although I prefer the older one …sorry mate !!

The new one is still being worked on soooooo I hope it will be done in a day or two as for the photos there are new ones coming the old ones are poo I know the old web designer would not do any updates to it as he could not be arsed to deal with it then had a cheek to charge me £60 a year web hosting and the only way I could update it was to use dial up too.

but now I can use my broad band to update and I have been given the software to change the whole thing around is much easier than front page was.