Your Old Mags for Afghanistan

This is for those who would like to support our troops in Afghanistan.

“Some help please, I am currently running a camp in Helmand Province in Afghanistan and I would like to get as many people as possible to send my blokes / females ( many are v keen motorbikers) your read bike / car mags. I appologises for the direct approach but due to having to cater for everyones tastes bike /car mags etc etc …also mags for the females are not delivered as part of our Operational welfare package.The postage is free( upto 2kg), all it would cost is the envelope.The postal address is you would like to help is
Lashkar Gar
BFPO 715 Any help will be greatly appreciated and all mags will be read multiple times. Thanks Major Andy Lothian”

I am sending multiple packages of mag’s and a few packages of useful items, toothbrushes, roll-on deodorant. etc. etc. Just make sure you keep it under 2Kg for free post. If you have any race pic’s of your team, sign them & send them too.

ive got a couple laying around ill get an envelope next time im in the P.O

If you can include a short letter with your address on so whoever receives your parcel can write and say thanks,


Ok so am i able to send my box of mags or not? :ermm: