your help needed for a serious problem

had to take the car to work today.

i wasnt looking forward to coming home in the rush hour through the dartford tunnel, but thought it would give me a chance to see how long i would take, as if i get made permanent in 6 months i might get a lease car.

it only took an hour, and only fifteen minutes from the A2/M25 junction to the end of the tunnel (you know, the proper end, with all the essex birds!!)

f**k me, i thought i could get used to this, not much more time than on the bike, nice and warm, and loads of music.

so there i am, mentally ordering my lease car, choosing the colour and trim, and whether or not to pay extra for alloy wheels. I also thought about all the stuff i could do to the bike while it was not in constant use.

please help me,i dont want to be a fair weather biker, with loads of bling on a bike that barely gets ridden. i want to be a hairy arse biker with flies in me teeth.

how do i get my mojo back???

Once your mojo starts to go, that’s it!

Just give in to it and everything will be right with the world, and sleeeep, just sleeeeeeeep………

To be honest I think you were lucky because a Friday night rush hour at the Dartford tunnel usually involves sitting stationary or crawling along for ages! Unless thats what did happen were and still think it was good?! Dont do it!

Seriously, I spend 5 minutes ina car and I’m ready to eat raw human flesh from a still living, breathing human being I get that angry.

Its my firm belief that anyone who willingly associates with traffic jams is as unfortunate and misguided as I belive them to be. If you have a choice to waste 1/3 of your life sitting looking at the back of someone else’s car when you could be riding past it…why would you sit there doing nothing with the other idiots…why?

A job fine, kids fine, but why would you want to when you have an alternative?

I use both to get around during the week, and a fair smattering of public transport. When I was getting wet and cold yesterday morning riding to Reading I wished I was in the car (until the queues started). When I’m tubing into London I never consider any other form of transport. When I’m out photographing in the car I often regret that it isn’t poss to take the bike.

Just do what is the most practical mate. I don’t buy into all this “must ride all year to be a real biker” nonsense, it’s your life your bike your investment your comfort your decision.

When I did ride 100miles a day between Darlington and Newcastle through all weathers no-one patted me on the back, no-one contributed to the extra running costs of the bike nor did my biker friends help clean the bike every night in the rain and snow to stop the salt corrosion.

Just do what you want mate, don’t seek justification.

nooooooooooooooo don’t turn to the dark side… don’ do it! I can arrange counciling.


Mate I have days of why the f do I do this I am cold, wet, tired and hungry, sat at crawl pace because the clown in the car will not let me filter.

Then I get a nice day get on it and all is well with the world

Me thinks at the end of it ya never really lose it

It just wanders for a while

do what you feel you need to do each day as it comes along…if you wanna drive, drive

if you wanna ride, ride

its your choice… thats why you have both vehicles

and if you think this is a serious problem…you must have no problems at all !!! well done

Toby get yourself a sign like mine!! this is on the back of my van!

you dont have to use your bike all year round!!! sometimes its just nice and warm and cosy in a car!! but really pants in the traffic!!

adam h …i love your new avatar…brill

just getting ready for the mortars coming my way over the next few weeks!!

no advice can beat proper British Army training for doging mortars…you keep safe

training for dogding mortars??? put helmet and body armour on…go back to bed!!

Says the man looking at buying a DB9!?!

I travel from Rochester to White City everyday on my bike - sun, rain, fog, snow, ice, takes me under an hour for the 40miles, ditch the car!