Your Favourite Old TV Show

Does anyone remember this classic TV show?, I used to love it… I had the StreetHawk outfit and used to wear it riding my WildCat bicycle around!.. infact id still wear it now if I knew where it was :smiley:

Oh yeah I remember it well - to think that our current bikes could pi$$ all over that monstrosity now!




Its got to be

and this!



sooty and sweep

Big fan of Knight Rider Airwolf and Street Hawk - do like the A-team but towards the end got a bit poo…

Thundercats!! and Mask!

everything bumble bee named, and A team magnum p.I

dixon of dock green " evening all " …

when police had no bloody speed cameras and were human


Last of the Summer Wine:w00t::D:D

How many things can they ride down that fuggin hill?;):D:D

Citizen Smith :slight_smile:

Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka - brilliant

A-Team, Airwolf, Street Hawk, Knight Rider, Thundercats, the usual stuff
oh and late night foreign films on Channel 4 :wink:

but if you watch the repeats on channel 19823458 cable/satellite/freeview
i find that only A-Team is even barely watchable nowadays, i must have grown up too much :crying:

Edit: oh yeah monkey magic! (see above reminder from gixergooner) :slight_smile:
heard Beeb olympics intro may be based on that story, gorillaz animators doing it

My all time favourite is Catweasle.Still love watching it now at 46 as much as when I was 10.

On the buses, I hate you Butler, classic comedy.

Monty Python :slight_smile:

Space TV, 70’s era.

Thunderbirds, space 1999, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Dr who of course.

Comedy TV, 70’s era.

Love thy neighbour (Would not be allowed today, I think Patrick out of Eastenders was in it), Bless this house, The young ones. Sykes, Spike Milligan, Q series, Monty Python.

The banana splits, best kids programme ever.:D:D:D, can you name them???

I’ll move to the eighties and nineties later.

HR Puffanstuff:D


and also “3 2 1” with Dusty Bin…