Your Favorite Racing Circuit....

So…which are some of your favorite circuits to watch motorcycle racing?

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Phillip Island in Australia…and I like the circuit in Istanbul too. I like Phillip Island because of it’s FAST sweeping corners. I like Istanbul because of it’s tight quarters…where it takes HUGE stones to make an overtaking manuver.

Donningtons good, get on the infield and watch them go balls to the wall down craner curves then you can see them go off up the hill, forgot the corner :slight_smile:

my 2 have already been mentioned and are very similar tracks. PI and donny. Both awesome tracks and very fast, makes for some good racing and crazy passes.

After experiencing only Donny and Assen for MotoGP, I’d have to say Assen.
You can see the whole outfield from any point, no hills in the way, nothing, its unbelievable. The only better place to watch it would be on the TV to get the infield section, but 3/4’s of a track visible from anywhere around it is pretty impressive.

TV doesn’t really count, cos they get all sorts of good angles you’d never get even if you were there.

going to Donnington for the first time this year, may try to pitch up there then

went to Barcelona a couple of years ago, good atmosphere, very good facilities etc but its def an F1 circuit when it comes to viewing

wish list:


brands hatch (WSB, cant believe never been there, its on me doorstep)

laguna seca


and (sorry its F1) Spa

Brands Indy has to be the best circuit for spectating as you can see all the track all the time.

Donny Old Hairpin is a good un

Worst tracks for spectating have to be Silverstone and Thruxton IMO

It’s a real shame Istanbul is off the race card this year.

Herman Tilca got it right with that one.

I love Brands Hatch - Paddock Hill bend…went there for the first time in about 1830 with my Dad and have loved it ever since

probably Mugello or Valencia, for atmosphere and views. Cayalunya or Assen for some close racing.

Best British track would have to be Brands GP followed by Donington