Your bike lock..

ok, im a total newb, and have no real biking experience, nevermind a full license… yet.

I’m sure some have seen this before, but having seen a bike knocked over this morning with a tort chain, and a solo chain with no bike attached (presumably not stolen but yknow… makes you think)… i googled:

Worth a watch! how safe is your bike now? :slight_smile:
What lock do you use?
Anyone have solutions for on-street parking, with the occasional tree/lamppost?

Or, if you want to save some hard earned without sacrificing any quality …

Get a 16mm or 19mm chain and Squire SSCS65 from PJB Security LINKY HERE

That video ain’t all what it appears to be, the chains they crop are all less than 13mm

This will get around a tree LINKY HERE

Only £159.99 delivered with a free ground anchor too (that’s a ground anchor and £15.00 cheaper than an Almax series III)