Your best cleaning products

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For Paintwork - Just a standard car shampoo, lots of water to rinse and then polish if needed - most polishes are like a very fine t-cut which is how they “restore” the finish and so should be used rarely.

I then finish with Autoglym extra gloss protection. This stuff is the dogs.
It covers and seals the paintwork with a shiny resistant coating. Leave on to ‘cure’ for as long as possible and then buff to a great shine.
Water and muck just beads on it, even after riding through a wet crappy dirty roads, a quick hose will wash it all off leaving the shiny protected finish.

Last ages too, so although it appears expensive (around £10 a bottle), its very good economy long term.

For Engine and metal work etc - gunk if needed to degrease, WD40 to clean and protect and at this time of year a thin coating of ACF50 to protect from salt over the winter months.

WD40 to protect? I thought part of the point of WD40 is that it all evaporates?

Paraffin spray and water


Mr Sheen

The long term active ingredient is a non-volatile, viscous oil which remains on the surface, providing lubrication and protection from moisture. This is diluted with a volatile hydrocarbon to give a low viscosity fluid which can be sprayed and thus get into crevices. The volatile hydrocarbon then evaporates, leaving the oil behind. A propellant (originally a low-molecular weight hydrocarbon, now carbon dioxide) provides gas pressure in the can to force the liquid through the spray nozzle, then itself diffuses away.

These properties make the product useful in both home and commercial fields; lubricating and loosening joints and hinges, removing dirt and residue, extricating stuck screws and bolts, and preventing rust are common usages. The product also may be useful in removing moisture.

WD40 rocks man! The only thing i dont use it on is paintwork…oh and tyres, and brake discs… lol actually theres a couple of things you shouldnt touch with it !

Yeah I think wires can become porous over time if WD40 is left on, don’t know if anyone can verify this.

This can be pretty bad on HT leads.
Its good to get things going on a damp morning, but long term i’ve heard it will rot the leads and you’ll end up needing new ones.