Your best cleaning products

i need some new stuff to clean my bike so what are your top 3 cleaning products you use (include the what it is and what you use it for)

if enough of you post back i’ll make a long list rated by popularity

citrus degreaser and muc off (wheels and greasy bits) work an absolute treat. Muc-Off disc brake cleaner. Other than that, a big bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge! Use autoglym to polish

I use Muc-Off to wash the bike and then spray Scottoiler afterwards to protect it.

Vinegar and baking powder mixed 2:1

  • Max Factor knacker lacker adds a lustre to your cluster:)

muc-off degreaser works a treat all over the bike followed with a low pressure soapy jet wash

rain to wash
wind and sun (where available) to dry


if i had the money i would

I always use someone else’s! :stuck_out_tongue:

They clean up the mess, put it all away and its free :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Meguiars Super Degreaser for all the greasy mucky bits, it’s miles better than muc off.

Autoglym Tar remover for all the Tar spots and sticky stuff

Then Fairy liquid in fairly hot water for general washing, then throw loads of clean water to rinse off, then Chamois leather it dry

Solvol Autosol and plenty of elbow grease to polish up all the alloys and bright metals, I do this through the winter too, as it puts on a protective layer

I personally Don’t ever put any polish on the paintwork, modern paint should come up gleaming without it, if it’s been cleaned properly


Ahhhhhh now your bikes under a cover in my sons front garden untouched for months lol…SO YOU HAVE’NT CLEANED IT IN AGES :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr Sheen …and if you like it to smell nice you can get Mr Sheen citrus :smiley:

It does everything !

I don’t like Muc-Off, it can damage alloy finish. I use Castrol Bike Cleaner, Muc-Off Brake Cleaner, Wurth Chain Cleaner.


Had my bike 6 months and it hasn’t seen so much as a wet cloth. :smiley:

my small servant family…

Chiswick Honda, free wash with every £400 service.

Hot soapy water


Spray polish

Wurth Brake and Chain Cleaner

Generally i would use the Parafin and Wurth cleaners first, obviously making sure the parafin was not near any rubber (tyres, hoses etc) then wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water and a normal garden hose, leather off then apply the spray polish. Finishing off with Autosolve for the chrome on the exhausts. Job done and about 2 hours work :stuck_out_tongue:

Muc Off Dirty Work Wipes - best way I’ve found to clean a chain and sprocket (even better than paraffin and a paint brush :slight_smile: )
WD40 - removes stubborn dirt spots, shines and waterproofs and a little squirt in all the places your key goes never hurts
COOL water - hot water at this time of year does something to the active ingredient in road salt and speeds up rusting

Go Waterless


Car vinyl upholstery cleaner for the black dash plastics.

Crowbar in a fourth for the chain: wouldn’t be without a Scottoiler