You wisdom and advice please.... gtx gear.

Guys I’m looking for some Goretex gloves and books.

Boots need to be something that looks fairly smart / cas, as I need them at work.

Gloves I go crazy on. I’ve been looking at the Alpinestars Tech Road. But no one stocks them any more, so I need some good suggestions. £100 is the budget for gloves.

I’m within skipping distance of Hein Gerick and Infinity Motorcycle in Clapham. And Metropolis, isn’t too much of a stretch either. Tried them all but nothing inspires me.


Thanks Guys

Best gloves I have ever had, excellent

+1 on what Pimlico Pilot said.

I bought a pair today and though they are too small and cut off the circulation to my thumb and forefinger I am othewise pleased by their appearance.

No doubt they will stretch and the boys at Hein Gericke did not force me to buy them, truth to tell I was so desperate to emulate our “Glorious Fly Boy” that I didn`t try them on before purchase.

I have soaked them in organic yoghurt in the hope they will stretch like the birth canal of a mongolian pony.

I`ll let you know if my ploy is successful.

As for waterproof books.

50,000 leagues under the sea, anything by Jacques Cousteau, Moby Dick or The Cockleshell Heros spring to mind.

No animals were hurt during this post, though Flopsie fell over a dog and banged her nose and knee while collecting details of Hein Gericke`s “Sports Leather X-Trafit GTX Gloves Black XL” ( £109.99 less a reusable £10.00 voucher) from the basement dispersal area.:slight_smile:

LOL! I meant boots. Although I do have a water proof note pad under my seat just in case of an incident.

Thanks guys. Have looked at them already and didn’t really catch my eye.Will go and try these specifically when I next go.

at £100 I think you may be very limited for good Goretex gloves…

I’ve been eyeing these up for a very long time… No good for cold but I can solve that with inner heated gloves… I hate big bulky winter gloves…

Tried on loads at HG that didn’t feel quite right, then headed off to infinity and finally found a good comfy fit that didn’t have the spongy stuff inside:


Just remembered that I had tried these ones on at Infinity and was very impressed…

And now you got me searching for gtx gloves myself I found these on GetGeared and they look mighty fine!

Thanks guys… A lot of mates have recomended the Tech road, I guess this years version is the 365. Will be popping into HG to try these on again. I’m sure I can find a few extra pennie down the back of the couch.

Any Ideas on boots?

Looked at a pair of daytonas at infinity. But pretty much wide open to ideas…

Not sure whether your chosen shops stock them but I really recommend GTX Infinity goretex boots, had mine 2 and a half years and they are excellent, just make sure you replace the gear lever rubber in good time or the metal bit underneath will do some damage, which is no fault of the boot (but something I learnt the hard way!).

Also recommend Bikers Koln goretex gloves, they are within your price bracket and are excellent. For winter you may need thin under-gloves.

Of course I meant TCX Infinity, but can’t edit posts on my smartphone :crazy:

I like those GetGeared ones.

Alpinestar Polar Gore ( - really warm, perfectly waterproof and lots of armor.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any short boots by TCX. I was really looking at something more like this
I need to wear the boots at work as I don’t have a locker and having to carry shoes everyday is killer. That and I think my SMX5s are a bit OTT for an commute to work.

Although given the above statement I decided to conduct a quick search and found these, and I think at half the cost of the Daytonas they can’t be ignored.

Regarding gloves would you guys recommend going for one size larger than usual in anticipation of liner gloves. I do have heated grips but I don’t think they will be that great come winter time…

Ricco, me and my other half have the TCX X-Cube (I think they come as a half boot as well) I’ve had mine for a year now and they are still going strong. Only got wet feet once, but that was riding through torrential rain for over 3 hours. For my daily 12 mile commute, they are excellent. Comfortable to wear all day and they look cool with jeans, so it could be just the ticket if you have to wear them at work.

Hey NatureGirl, I have seen them before but unfortunately I have had to strike them off my list. Too outlandish :(. Because I work in the HR dept for a retailer I am still in a “customer facing” role so I need to follow the uniform policy. What I don’t want to be doing is carrying a set of shoes and boots to and fro all the time.

Hmmm next months budget might get blown on lockers at this rate lol.

Why not keep a pair of shoes at work? That’s what I do even though they’re trainers…

No locker… and It’s Croydon, they’re bound to get nicked. Either way I still need a more appropriate boot to commute in.

although I’ve solved my problems now :D… Well you have. /decided that I’d opt for the 365. HG are doing the the cheapest around @ 129.99

And boots wise I found these if they’re got that great i’ll exchange them for these.

Guys thanks for your help. Never knew about Getgeared, and after upping my budget (as recommended) I found an awesome pair of gloves.

Thanks all :smiley:

Just to make sure… 365 gloves don’t offer any cold protection as far as I’m aware, just against rain