you want a big engine bike..??

what about an 8liter - v10…??

I love the way it rocks to the side when he fires it up, all that V10 torque!! :w00t:

Make the Boss Hoss look a bit lightweight that’s for sure! :wink:

So how long before someone mentions he’s riding it with no gloves?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno, that doesn’t look comfortable at all stretching out over all that motor, and what about fuel economy? :w00t:

Surely you won’t moan about your 'Bird gobbling it up after going through a tank on that after like what… 50 miles?

As a concept though, that’s pretty awesome. Wonder how much that weighs… :w00t:

1 ugly as hell
2 why
3 MCN should not promote video where protective gear is not on…

Can you imagine the heat coming up from that engine sat in town :w00t:

Surely as a “kit” bike it should have a “Q” plate?

lets see it corner…:cool: