you thought honda goldwings were slow - didn't you....?

Here’s proof it’s the rider not the bike… enjoy com/watch? v=0nrMQ3QwyPo&NR=1

link code was messed up

wowwww i didont know thwy could do that!!!

You have to admire the guy/girl

You can hear the camera guy scraping around each corner

Great stuff, but ground clearance is a big problem on them, it’s easy to jack up the wheels on the frame and lowside :-/

I think the C90 that was following it looked like more fun

Good rider, shame about the bike.

looks like a load of folk thought the same thing:

‘where is this place - can I have a go…??’

well, from the guy that sent the info:

This is Deal’s Gap .

comment added:

“Very interesting! I’ve actually been down that road albeit in a 3 litre
Chevy. On almost every bend there are tyre marks where bikes haven’t made
it. At the end of the road is a small motel/cafe with photos displayed of
people with various injuries and a police car about 50 feet down a ravine.
The trees in the car park have parts of crashed bikes tied around them”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this ones much better!!!