You think crime is bad in London

East Bergholt in deepest Suffolk has just had it’s first instance of tagging. Two youths tagged a garden fence and the locals ain’t happy.



Time to call in Yorkshire’s finest, they’ll end up on Death Row

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If this doesn’t make the FB page of “Angry people in local papers” nothing will. This is our moment, just hope the locals step up.

What’s the alternative? A continuing decline in moral standards that will inevitably result in widespread criminology. Tbh, these are the types of youths who grow up to ride motorbikes with loud exhausts, no respect for their fellow citizens.

Nah, hand me a pitchfork, I’m all in for this battle against the uncontrollable tide of hooligans ruining everything.

Sorry I didn’t believe that so I checked it out on Streetcheck and crime happened! Suffolk Police have it logged as a Public Order Offence. It seems as if we may be in the midst of a full scale crime wave, our figures for February show two instances of crime, one of antisocial behaviour, probably a littering offence, they’re big on the anti litter campaign around here. The remaining 50% of the crime wave was down to shoplifting at the garden centre, they’re big on gardens around here too. Not sure if any of this is related to Brexit, the Covid pandemic or something else.

What I do know is if any Londoners care to check out their street on Streetcheck they’ll be horrified and never feel the same about walking those streets again.

Struth, I just checked me old Mum’s road in London, they had 285 crimes reported in February 2021 within half a mile of the centre of her postcode including; anti-social behaviour, bicycle theft, burglary, criminal damage/arson, drugs, other thefts, possession of weapons, public order, robbery, shop lifting, theft from person, vehicle crime, violence/sexual and other crimes.

My postcode had 1 recorded crime - of anti social behaviour.

Must be more discreet :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I don’t need to check, the yellow signs tell me all I need to know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your “FB page of “Angry people in local papers”” made me laugh, I am a member of our local one, jesus there are some right moany bastards on there…as a small village with a couple of pubs and a chippy, we are going to get a nice 50 seater Italian restaurant in the heart of the village, whats the biggest comment??

“where will all the punters park, its too crowded already”


This why I gave up on FB, and FB Groups there are so many narrow minded cluster fucks out there who’s sole purpose seems to be how to make life difficult for everyone else.

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My favourite gripe is when someone moans about the motorbikes. I just ask why anyone would buy a house next to a main road and then complain about the traffic :slight_smile:

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In a previous life I used to deliver mail on a short section of the A1071 at Bower House Tye, the moans and groans from the 20 or so residents whenever a motorcycle went past. Unreal, why buy a house on a twisty road with a 60 mph speed limit where every boy racer, motor cars and motorcycles, has been giving it the beans since 1892.

RIP Fred Bremer

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