you sneaky mom......


the ending is epic! :smiley:

thats really funny - anything that makes small people cry works for me!!

This should continue every year until they stop doing it.

Reminds me of a woman I knew who told her kids they had to put £1 of pocket money under the pillow for the tooth fairy to take their old teeth away:)

That’s funny!! :smiley:

thats top jokes :smiley:

some bits are good, fat spoilt children tearing down posters makes me mad at the parents though! the last two were awesome, right pair of little charmers!

thats a bit cruel. lie to your kid to upset him whilst filming him and then show the world. by the way id cry if someone ate my candy!!!

I’ve seen American kids behave like that and frankly it’s embarrassing to watch. You want to slap the kids and punch the parents.

I won a dance competition at Butlins when I was a kid and part of the prize was a massive box of sweets. My big Sister and her mates ate most of it when I was asleep, so I threw her Walkman in the sea :smiley:

BTW Jaime, do you go on 4chan?