You should never drill through a water pipe

I discovered that new houses don’t have metal pipes they have plastic pipes (which means they don’t show up on my detector) they also don’t follow the same rules as old houses with metal pipes - that being pipes run straight up from the inlet valve of the radiator…

I discovered all of this as I drilled through a radiator pipe in my garage on New Years day - it’s amazing how much water those things hold! And as it was a radiator at the bottom of the house I got ALL the water out of the system… nice one… plumber New Years day £167, Replacing the plaster £67, discovering where your pipes run - pricless.




That’s got to be worth a chat to the developer. Surely pipe runs are on a spec plan and should follow certain rules and not just stuck any which way…

But apprently they are consistant - they run straight up the middle of every radiator - the plumber who came out said he gets loads of these because people just don’t realise that new houses don’t follow the same rules :frowning:


Currently looking for a plumber to fix some shoddy work done by another plumber. If anyone knows of one, please let me know - a decent plumber’s as rare as rocking horse droppings!

I rang my isurance company - they keep and approved list and gaurantee any work they do - I’ve done this a few times now and always got a decent workman.


Quote: I’ve done it a few times now…

Errrrr wouldn’t it be better just to get the approved workman in first as by the sound of things you’re a bit of a lethal weapon when you pick up a drill…

Hmmm, I wonder how the plumbing on Matt’s bike is doing after he did the service on that…

My little Cuz is a plumber. Where do you live?

The plumbing on my bike is fine that you very much! Well it is now I’ve got the spark plug leads the right way round.

Patrick - I’ve used the insurance company to get people in to do work not fix my mistakes - well most of the time.


I wont let on what line of business we’re in but lets say,… we didn’t have a quiet Christmas

think of the money :slight_smile:

£167 for a plumber on New Years day, thats cheap. Im a plumber i charge a lot more than that.

Glad I didn’t call you then!

£46 per hour - New Years day so he charged me double time plus the bits plus VAT


I do do discounts for forum members.

Groovy - we’ll have to stick you in the directory


What is it about plumbers? I’ve been trying for DAYS to get someone to come out to do a job. Eventually I succeeded so that’s good, but not before five different plumbers promised to be there “in a couple of hours”. When I asked them to phone me an hour or so before they were leaving so I could make sure I was there (I don’t live in the house) they promised faithfully they would. They didn’t.

So I’ve spent 2 days hanging round, phoning all over the place, for what turned out to be a simple, if messy job. £70 later I was pleased with what got done but when you consider a pipe’s been pissing water in the meantime, the floor’s trashed, the carpets are soaked, the bathroom floor will probably have to be replaced as will the ceiling downstairs, and the walls will have to be repainted, partly because these plumbers I spoke to didn’t do what they said they were going to. Not one of them phoned me to say they wouldn’t be coming, I had to chase them only to be told “oh we don’t have anyone covering that area”. Well why the bleedin’ hell didn’t they SAY SO IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Sorry for hijacking your thread Matt, but you got a very good deal there at that rate, make sure you hang onto that bloke’s number in case you need him again. (I was quoted £125 an hour for emergency work, and that wasn’t the most expensive either!)

i bet u thought it would b a simple job matt just a couple of holes then fix the brackets.i didnt know they only do plastic pipes in new houses nowdays at least it was only the heating and not the mains…bad luck and b carefull next time

I never fit plastic pipes as they are crap, i only use copper for domestic work and steel for industrail places.