Westminster are planning on charging us a nominal fee, so they can provide us with an extra parking spaces. Sounds great doesn’t it…

BUT, this is called a STEALTH TAX.

They start charging us “for the 500” new bike spaces…and mysteriously, they’re NOT going to stop charging us.


Sign the petition and tell Westminster Council what you think of their charge, but please do it nicely or we’ll not be taken seriously.



Signed !

Why are there so few ‘Signed’s’ on this thread. Why do the Brits have such a resistance to standing up an been counted ? ? ?


how do they intend to enforce it tho? surely they cant expect us to put a sticker on our windscreen/fairing/saddle!!!

Signed a while back

tried signing petition.

Keeps coming up with “problem with email address” Add valid email address.


Here was my intended response

Well, after being hit with the C Charge. Profits clearly down for the private company running the scheme. Sting the motorist, this time the bikers.
Lets be realistic. There ain’t going to be very many, if at all new parking places, or better security for bikes.
Its just another easy earner for the Council.
Already paying extra through Council Tax for an Olypics I don’t want. How will I or my family benefit?
The only beneficiaries will be the construction companies / merchandisers who will earn millions from this.
Yet again, sheer ignorance after this apparent consultation period, whereby the Council stae that bikers have agree with this. I don’t know any!
This, after the farce of a consultation period to extend the congestion charge west. The residents all said no. Still they plan to implement it!
And no, I don’t live in Kensington & Chelsea!

All signed up.

I’ve signed but I was only number 130 - how many members on LONDON BIKERS!

Come one people get signing -doesnt take a minute!

johnp you signed twice!


Also done, but watch those CAPTCHAs, they are very bad examples. Keep refreshing the code until you spot one that is not ambiguous to you - oh and have your comment copied somewhere ready for the inevitable failure, the form gets wiped clean if you don’t get it right first time. Very frustrating.

finally sorted.

just had to put in a moody email address. Wouldn’t accept my genuine one!!

Maybe 'cos some of them just get on with doing stuff rather than do it & then start waving their arms around shouting “look at me everyone, I’ve done it !”

Signed up!


Very much done!

Having sent an e-mail to the leader of Kensington & Chelsea suggesting I would not work or shop in their borough I got the following response:

I am the Cabinet Member responsible for our motorcycle parking policy and
Cllr. ****ell, the Leader of the Council, has forwarded to me your e-mail below.

A person called “Catherine” has been distributing e-mails seriously
misrepresenting our intentions and motives and I fear you may have been
misled by her.

I attach an exchange of e-mails between “Catherine” and me and the Key
Decision report implementing our plans. (If you want to see the maps that go
with the Key Decision, please e-mail [email protected] for them.) You
will see that we have consulted representatives of motorcycling groups, who
warmly welcome our plans. You will also see that there is NO intention
whatsoever to charge for parking motorcycles in visitor bays.

What we are doing is offering a greatly enhanced service to our resident
motorcyclists, who currently pay £18 a year for a permit: in future, they
will have access, within a five-minute walk of every home, to a
resident-only parking bay provided with secure locking devices. For this
they will be asked to pay £50 a year, which we believe most residents will
consider a bargain for the peace of mind involved. The fee will be reduced
to £35 p.a. for those holding a nationally recognised advanced motorcycle
qualification (so as to encourage greater safety for motorcyclists).

People who come to the Royal Borough to shop, such as you, or to work, as you may, will continue to be able to park free in a visitor bay (without a security device) just as you do now. There will still be nearly 1,000 free visitor spaces throughout the Royal Borough, as part of a greatly expanded overall supply of motorcycle parking spaces.

We think (and the national organisations we have contacted agree) that we
are adopting one of the most pro-bike policies in the country. Please could
you take this message back to “Catherine” and her ill-informed friends.
If you do take a job here, please feel free to contact Peter Weeden and he will tell you where the nearest free visitor bay will be to your intended place of work. If it is more than a ten-minute walk and if there is other likely visitor demand in the vicinity, he will see what he can do to find space for a new free bay in the locality.

There will be no “policing” of the visitor bays to prevent our residents using them: quite the reverse: any resident of ours who does not want to pay a fee for enhanced security will be able to park free in one of them as now. We are forcing nothing on anybody: we are, as I say, giving our residents the opportunity to take advantage of a greatly enhanced service for a very modest fee and we are confident that most will avail themselves of it.
Not sure exactly what he is trying to say beyond that they have ‘consulted’ and that there is no way to police the free bays so visitors will lose out as residents will naturally park in the free bays. That combines with the fact that there are only 1000 free spaces within the whole of Kensington & Chelsea so there are in reality not that many spots.

Signed #144

… still only #144 - surely more of us (I mean LB’ers) give enough of a **** to put a stop to this… more than 144, anyway