You never know WHAT you'll see at bike rallies....

This bike was actually RIDDEN to the rally. (from a trailer just outside of town to Main Street :laugh: ) 1930’ish Harley Davidson…'34 maybe? I don’t recall what the guy told me.

The Can-Am is mildly intriguing…I think…I had to laugh when looking at it closely, though…the speedometer went to 200mph with 60mph barely 1/4 of the way around the gauge…I’ve never ridden one but that seemed a bit “optimistic” to me. :laugh:

Now THIS thing…what an utter abomination. I looked all over and never did find the BMW logo I’m SURE it’s sporting somewhere. What a ridiculous pile of crap. I think it was called a Stallion? I saw a red one later just like it. :crazy:

That old Harley looks like it’s been looked after by Sneaky McC… :stuck_out_tongue: Could it be a distant, long lost relative of “That Bike”???.. :laugh:As for the Can-Am, it certainly looks like a whole lot of fun! Can’t help thinking it looks like a snowmobile on wheels though!? :blink: Edited for mong spelling… :smiley:

Good pictures, i do like the nackard looking Harley.

saw a couple of can-am’s at the triumph garage at Woburn last year, think they were having their national meet nearby that day,

I like them to be honest

Can-Am’s = Bombadier = KTM (via a slightly complex route) as I recall. (Sit back, wait for someone to tell me I’ve got it wrong?)

Quite a decent parentage. Whether you like or loth is going to be personal.

Me? I’d like to try one but I’m not sure I’d like it enough to buy even if I had the, no doubt, steep price.

As for thew Harley, that looks good. Not particularly my sort of bike but I know guys who’d be creaming there jeans to own that.

Seen quite a few Can-Ams recently. There were a couple at Wootton Bassett and I saw one two up on the A3 this afternoon.

There’s a bloke I’ve seen on my commute a few times who has an old Harley like that. Big bloke, Nazi lid, ZZ-top beard, denims. I got talking to him the other day - the (cable operated) front brake is on the left, the clutch is on the running board and the gear change is a lever on the tank. Completely bizarre. God only know what he thinks of my Ducati :smiley:

re speedo sure its not im kmh ?

reason i ask is mine is a kmh speedo with a converter midline on cable so on clock its top reading is 320

60 is at 9 o clock [position and if the needle ever points to the twelve or beyond position …ooops

in theory i only use up to the eleven o clock position

Wow, I thought my bike was battered xD

i think the harley looks quite cool!

This was down southend on monday !



Now there’s one of the down sides. Parking.

Can’t park in bike bays as it’s not a PTW.