You never guess what I've got on my hall table...

That’s right: another set of keys a careless biker left behind! His taste is quite poor, though, so definitely will not be asking for his phone number: he rides a white ET2 Vespa and drives a VW, and shops at Tesco’s…

Well, he came to pick them up just now. 60 if he’s a day. I suppose he could always be my sugar daddy…

This is turning into quite a novel way of meeting men paivi. If i ever lose my keys i’ll call you first as you will probably have them!

shall i ‘drop’ my keys at the christmas party…u could have a toy boy instead of a sugar daddy!

I’m actually just watching a Channel 5 doco about dating agencies. Perhaps I should set up some kind of a lucky dip…

lol what ever next

Hey why not start treeting yourself to random test rides

Yeah, I reckon everybody, not just Anil, should bring their keys to the Xmas party so I could test ride your bikes…

Actually, next time I see any keys lying around, I’ll use the bike as a getaway bike in a bank job! Finally put my balaclava to a proper use… Who’s with me?

Sounds all a bit kinky to me

Don’t forget I know where you live! Well, close enough… I might just be tempted to take either of your sexy beasts for a spin!

That’s what all the girls say

Ah but do they ‘do’ it rather than just saying it?


Finally put my balaclava to a proper use… Who’s with me?

I reckon you have put it to a proper use already!!!?